Site install update.

So far so good.

Been pretty happy with the progress so far. Very happy to find a theme that easily lets me add site URLs in a Nav Bar across the top of the site.  For what I want this site to be – a hub or many other sites, it’s ideal.

Been going through a lot of my old plugins that I had saved from other sites. Most of them didn’t make it to this one. Instead I have been going through several articles written by people smarter than me about Top 10 Plugins for WordPress, First 10 things to do with a WP blog etc. I’ve gone thru half a dozen or so of these and picked the best bits from each one.  I’ve now got a nice core of around 20 plugins – a few related to SEO which I haven’t turned on yet but I will.

I think I will probably end up writing my own Top 20 WP ideas – once I go thru a few more installs.

Main problem I have been having is getting Feedburner to work. Well feedburner works fine, but getting WP to deal with it properly seems to be a bigger pain than expected. Google seems to have fucked up quite a few links that would have been handy – it’s redirected them to a generic Google Groups page which imo is probably the most useless thing Google offers.

Yes I said typed fuck. Get over it.

Hello world!

Welcome to my new website.

I have decided to make my old site more or less for “family type” news. The idea is I can rabbit on about any kind of shit here, and family and friends can visit the other site if they just want to find out whats happening with Eliza.

This one is a bit of a work in progress – still trying to work out where everything fits and if this is the right WP theme to go with. The usual procrastination crap.

The plan is to have 4 blogs up by the end of the week at the latest, and then actually use them. At least one 2009 New Years Resolution might have a chance of getting a tick!